Steamy Cougar Romance

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“Sparks fly when older advice columnist, Sadie Broward, meets the grandson of a publishing magnate from New York City. Jake Stark is sent by his grandfather Richard to the small town of Sweetwater, Tennessee to interview one of the candidates for a position in the family’s national publications. Sadie feels Jake is looking down his nose at her and her town. Jake inserts himself uninvited into her life. When she travels to New York City to meet the Board of Directors of Stark Publications she is unprepared for the adventures that follow. She meets Pepper Vandenberg, Jake’s purported fiancee to be. Is Jake using Sadie to make Pepper jealous or is there more to their passion than what happens in the bedroom? This is a story about chance encounters leading to unexpected liaisons. When Fate steps in, common sense flies out the window. A steamy romance from one of the author’s of “Carved Wooden Heart”.

Dragonfly Books – BIG CONTEST

Two author contestants will be chosen as winners. 
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Book can be any genre
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One entry per author
All entries must be submitted by Sept. 15, 2019 at 11:59PM Eastern time
Formats: MOBI, EPUB, Word, PDF either digital or hard copy
Books can be submitted via email ( Remember to put contest entry in the subject line.
Or P.O. Box
Dragonfly Books, P.O. Box 26283, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37912

Books Can Be Any Genre!

Winners to be announced Jan. 1, 2020
 The manuscript submissions will be read by three judges who will choose the winners.

Three Judges

Here’s how to enter:

1.Submit a work of fiction, maximum 90,000 words by mailing it to
2. Send a brief bio (100 words or less)
3. Send relevant links on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc)
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Summer Reading, 2019. Win a FREE Dragonfly Book!

Every summer, lists come out recommending great books for summer reading. We’ve put together links to some of the sites with these lists. What’s the number one book on your summer reading list? What will you take to the beach or lounge by the pool reading?

We’d love to know what book you would recommend for a summer read. Romance? Fantasy? Thriller? Non-fiction? Add your suggestion in the comments and be entered into our Summer Reading Giveaway. Your name will be entered into a random drawing and if you win we’ll let you choose one of Dragonfly Books collection of E-books for your summer reading. Contest ends July 15th, 2019.

Of course we will start off with the New York Times. Have you read any of these? Do you plan to?

Yahoo even has a list!

What does Esquire Magazine recommend?

Good Housekeeping has an interesting list which even includes a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale.! It’s a bit of a cheat though since the book won’t be released until September 2019.

Don’t forget to leave your Summer Reading choice in the comments for the chance to win a Dragonfly Books selection!

View From The Sixth Floor by Elizabeth Horton Newton — Kathy’s Reading Korner

I have actually read this book several times. I yearn for a sequel! This is a tender story about a retired school teacher and her late husband’s best friend on a quest to find out the true story of the JFK assassination as the 50th anniversary of the day approaches. Olivia has always accepted the facts as presented and never questioned any of it until an encounter with a strange man in the grocery store who asks if she thought Oswald did it.

Having never thought about it much she decides to do a little research. She reads several books, watches documentaries on tv and finds she has more questions than answers and so decides she wants to go to Dallas. When she tells her friend and neighbor Bill about her plans he does everything he can to talk her out of it but Olivia is determined and so Bill makes plans to join her on the journey that will change their lives.

I too, always accepted the facts as presented about the assassination until I read this book. I began to look at things differently too!

Elizabeth Horton-Newton is an awesome story teller. Her characters come alive and you feel as if you know them. Olivia’s growth is something I particularly enjoyed watching. I was also thrilled to read a love story that didn’t involve twenty somethings but was a mature relationship that grew from a good friendship.

This is one of my very favorite books and I highly recommend it! I give it 5 0ut of 5 stars!

Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for May 26th, 2019 — BOOK RIOT

Although we aren’t affiliated with Book Riot we wanted to let readers know about these deals!


Sponsored by We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal and Fierce Reads. These deals were active as of this writing, but may expire soon, so get them while they’re hot! Today’s Featured Deals The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee for $3.99. Get it here, or just click on the cover image…

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