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In honor of Starla Hartless birthday week we are offering Carved Wooden Heart free on kindle from June 15 – 19. Download and enjoy this rich story of a woman’s journey.

Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2016 by Nerdy Girl 5 out 5 stars “In love with Jesse. Not only is Jesse Native American, he’s a relatable character, which means he’s gorgeous, flawed, and makes the ups and downs that he goes through and is put through so believable. Poor Dani finds her true love then loses him, and life slips slowly downhill from there as she goes from one trial to the next until she’s back where she should have always been. A long read but it wasn’t long enough. I hated for the story to end. Great job, ladies. Book 2 anyone?😂”

Old Habits by Elizabeth Horton-Newton Free on Kindle June 22 – 26. One reviewer compared this to early Stephen King. Download your copy and see for yourself.

Cyn Taylor Reviewed in the United States on October 8, 2019 5 out of 5 stars. Good and Creepy. I have read novels by this author but this is my first dive into her short stories. Well written and a great read if you want to see inside the mind of a serial killer. Brings on the creepy.

CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS IN JULY with Holiday Heat by Starla Hartless Free on Kindle July 24 – 26 Book 2 in the Cougar Love Series

Is it passion or is it love? After her divorce, Roxanne Woods left Sweetwater, Tennessee for a lucrative position with Torrid Publishing in New York City. Enjoying life in the big city she loved her job, her friends, and wasn’t looking for love. Then younger cover designer, Adam Drake, sweeps her off her feet. Stunned by the passion he unleashes in her she struggles with her feelings and the fact she sees herself as a cougar. Twists and turns make her head spin. Is she developing deeper feelings for the young stud muffin? Should she continue to resist his advances or relax and enjoy the ride? Meanwhile, her married sister Dawn who lives hundreds of miles away in sunny California has problems of her own. Will one sister find love while the other struggles to hold onto the life she’s created? 

Share Your Shorts!

Dragonfly Books is delighted to announce we are now a companion site with Stab In the Dark Books! To celebrate this collaboration we are putting together an anthology of short stories.

“Summer Heat, Cold Crimes” will contain short stories of stories no less than 2500 words, no more than 5,000 words. The stories should center around crimes committed during the summer; vacation crimes, summer romance crimes, beach crimes, resort crimes, school holidays, etc. Stories should be rated “R” or lower: no graphic sex, no pedophilia. Submissions must be received by May 15th, 2019, and at least moderately edited. (Run it through Grammarly.) We will read them through for any last minute corrections.

Authors may submit up to two stories, but it’s possible only one will be chosen depending on the number of entries and number of pages.

The collection will be offered FREE on online bookseller sites and is an excellent way to introduce readers to your writing. You should attach a brief bio (100 words or less) and links to your website, Facebook Page, and any other social media sites you choose up to four. If you have an Amazon Author Page add that link as well. (If you don’t have an author page we suggest you build one or add one on Amazon.)

More information about Dragonfly Books can be found on their website:

Sign ups for the anthology will begin on this page on April 15th so be sure to keep checking. We look forward to promoting this book as both a Dragonfly Books and Stab In the Dark Books collaboration. These promotions will reach a large number of readers.

Submissions should be mailed to:

Please put Anthology Submission in the subject line!

Looking forward to your stories!


Kathy B.


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Adam C. Mitchell’s

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“There are thousands of stories in Central City. Here are just a few of them from the mind of Adam C Mitchell, three hardboiled noir novellas and a gripping short, all following private eyes, detectives and crooks all set against the backdrop of the 1940’s…”


Gritty, dark, and dangerous!

Central City is a dark and dangerous place!


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Why reviews don’t count for much… unless… — Ramblings from a Writer’s Mind


We don’t often repost articles from other blogs, but this one hits the nail on the head when discussing the value of reviews. This blog by author/artist Paul White (Ramblings From a Writers Mind) bears reposting.

I am not above posting articles which could be classed as controversial, such as this one, because I think it is a writer’s duty to bring into the open topics which can be discussed and debated among one’s peers. Therefore, your comments and viewpoints are most welcome, even if they are incorrect! Many indie authors […]

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