Valentine’s Day Sale!


Valentine’s Day Special!

Carved Wooden Heart by Elizabeth Horton-Newton, the Seductress of Suspense, and Starla Hartless will be on sale on Kindle for $.99 February 12 through February 14th!


“A sexy encounter with a talented native artist, a broken heart, and a knight in shining armor are just the beginning in this passionate romance. Dani Stone never expected to fall in love with carver Jesse Wolf Carver. She certainly didn’t foresee the results of her intense one-night stand with the sexy hunk. From the wealth of New York City to the southern city of Knoxville, Tennessee, follow Dani as she journeys the winding path fate has laid out for her. Will she ever forget Jesse and the passion she felt in his arms? Can any man replace him in her heart? And most importantly, will her secret be revealed? This is a story of passion, love, loss, and courage.”



October 4, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

Loved this book , one of the best romance novels I’ve read this year


Fun Contemporary Romance

March 6, 2017

Verified Purchase

Daniella is a young woman just beginning to find her way in life. Jesse is an artist haunted by personal demons. When Dani’s work brings them together, a brief interval of passion leads to feelings deep enough to last a lifetime. But fate is a fickle thing, and a series of chance events soon forces them apart. But, sometimes, seemingly harmless actions can have lasting consequences, and life doesn’t always lead us along the road we thought it would.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book

December 29, 2017

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved the characters and how they grew and changed from beginning to end. I read it in one sitting! I had to know what happened to Dani and Jessie! Their journey took them down many roads. It is a steamy romance that had me rooting for them from the day they met. I would highly recommend this book.


High Octane Romance and a Twisty Adventure

November 13, 2016

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Carved Wooden Heart is a mixture of high octane romance and a twisty adventure that will keep you up at night wondering how the characters will all evolve. Having already read Riddle and View From The Sixth Floor, I knew Horton-Newton’s work very well. In collaboration with Starla Hartless, an author I wasn’t familiar with, I was glad to find the voice kept up with the traditional clipped pace I was used to.


Thank You from Dragonfly Books!

IMG_6357 (1)    Dragonfly Books would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the Women’s Expo ~ New Year, New You in Knoxville, Tennessee this past weekend. Authors Elizabeth Horton-Newton and Neil Douglas Newton, as well as our Media Representative Kathy Bee, enjoyed meeting the many readers who stopped by our table.

If you bought a book (or two or three) we would love to hear from you. As Indie Writers our authors thrive on reviews. It would be greatly appreciated if you could post a review on Amazon or Goodreads, or just send us an e-mail.


The winner of the Kindle loaded with books from Dragonfly Books is Misty M*****. Her package is in the mail. Congratulations Misty!

Our first science fiction author, Charles Mitchell, has re-released his exciting book, Valon on Amazon. Be sure to check it out.

Valon by Charles Mitchell

*This is a Fully Revised and Updated Second Edition.
Randle, an orphan boy living in the last days of a dying Eco destroyed Earth.

He stumbles across a gateway to another dimension.
Stepping through an alien portal will send him on a Rollercoaster ride of events that will change his life forever.

Action, Adventure, and Romance lie in store for the boy out of time, forging a New life in an alien Empire.
Taken on a journey of discovery
To a fate beyond his wildest dreams.”