Facebook Event

ac mitchell duoDragonfly Books is honored to announce the re-release of The Lost Angel and The Queen and the Viper by crime noir author Adam C. Mitchell with a Facebook event. There will be raffles and a big prize drawing.


Meet Jack Malone

Dragonfly Books is proud to present two hard-boiled crime noir books from author Adam C. Mitchell. Bring your Tommy-gun and hang out with us! Prizes and games.”

Mark November 10th on your calendar and join us between 9:00 AM UK time (UTC) and 11:00 PM (EST). If you are an author and would like a set time to talk about your book(s) let us know.

Also attending are author Elizabeth Horton-Newton (The Seductress of Suspense), Media/Marketing Director of Dragonfly Books, Kathy Broggy, and possibly author Neil Douglas Newton (half of the Crazy Writer Couple). Adam will be in and out throughout the day to talk about his books and upcoming releases.

ac mitchell
Adam C. Mitchell

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